Instructions to all Participants for all CJGA Events:

  1. All players must register 30 minutes before their tee time.
  2. Before do so please read Bathurst Glen Golf Course Policies related to Covid-19 at
  3. No Spectators will be allowed.
  4. When reporting all players must wear face masks.
  5. When reporting they must keep 2 meters apart (observe social distancing) from all players.
  6. Players will be allowed caddies.
  7. Caddies must be from the same household (family members).
  8. Players are not permitted to socially gather.
  9. Players must report to the starting hole 15 minutes before their start time and be prepared to start.
  10. Tee times will be at 10 minutes intervals
  11. All players must keep 2 meters apart when playing on the golf course.
  12. All players are expected to respect the pace of play policies of the CJGA
  13. All cups on the green have been adusted for player safey.
  14. Leave the Flagstick in the cup at all times
  15. Do not touch other players’ equipment or course accessories.
  16. When the round is complete, players will report to the scoring area that will be indicated in registration.
  17. Players at starting will be given score cards. Players will keep score for the player indicated and themselves.
  18. Scores for each hole will be given by each player to scoring and they will be entered into the data base immediately.
  19. Upon completion, players will put their cards into a box, provided.
  20. Scores will not be official until staff reviews the scorecards several days later. This will enable staff to sanitize and wait for the prescribed time for any bacteria to disappear.
  21. All players, caddies are expected to leave immediately after their score has been complete.

The following pictographs show information, proper procedures, practices and rules related to our current situation.