PING Canadian Junior Match-Play Championship

The PING Canadian Junior Match-Play Championship stands as one of the premier events organized by the Canadian Junior Golf Association, uniquely positioned as the sole nationally administered match-play championship for junior and bantam players.

For over 24 seasons, this prestigious tournament has offered boys and girls aged 10-18 a valuable platform to gain competitive experience in match-play. This format, widely recognized in top amateur championships globally, demands both skill and mental fortitude.

Match-play is regarded as the ultimate test of a golfer’s abilities, challenging participants to excel not only against the course but also in direct competition with another player. This head-to-head format rigorously evaluates their course management and strategic prowess.

Juniors can qualify for admittance into the PING Canadian Junior Match Play Championship through the following criteria:

Lifetime Admittance:

The winner of the PING Canadian Match Play Championship earns lifetime admittance into the Championship until they surpass the age qualification.

Top Finishes in CJGA Junior Tour Events:

Placing 1st or 2nd (including ties) in any CJGA Junior Tour event during the previous or current season.

Order of Merit:

Ranking among the top 5 players in the CJGA Order of Merit from the previous season.

National or Provincial Champions:

Winning any National or Provincial Junior Championship in the previous season.

Team Membership:

Being a current member of a National or Provincial Team.

CJGA All-Canadian Team:

Membership in the CJGA All-Canadian Team.

Additional Consideration:

Players who do not meet the above criteria can still apply and will be placed on a waiting list pending approval from the CJGA Tournament Committee.

Membership Requirement:

To participate in the PING Canadian Junior Match-Play Championship or any other CJGA Championship events, players must be current members in good standing with the Canadian Junior Golf Association.


Tournament Format

The PING Canadian Junior Match Play Championship is a four-day event featuring two days of stroke play followed by two days of match play.

  • Stroke Play: Day 1 & 2
  • Match Play: Day 3 & 4

Advancement to Match Play:

  • Junior Boys (U19): Top 16 advance to match play
  • Bantam Boys (U15): Top 16 advance to match play
  • Junior Girls (U19): Top 16 advance to match play
  • Bantam Girls (U15): Top 16 advance to match play

The number of players qualifying for match play may decrease based on the number of tournament entries per division. The final number of match play seeds will be announced 7 days prior to the tournament.

2024 Results