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Online Study Guide Program SOLARO available to CJGA Athletes

[Richmond Hill, ON, October 16, 2023] – The Canadian Junior Golf Association today announced its partnership with Alberta-based Castle Rock Research Corp. to support student athlete academic achievement. The CJGA is dedicated to providing youth with a holistic approach to success, not only on the green but in the classroom. This collaboration aims to equip student athletes with the tools they need to excel academically while pursuing their golf dreams.

The CJGA will offer its athletes member-discounted access to Castle Rock’s digital study guide platform, SOLARO, which is a complement to classroom learning and helps students sharpen their academic skills in mathematics, English language arts and science. The substantial discount makes supportive learning more accessible to students and their families, and this offer underscores the CJGA’s commitment to providing a robust educational support system for young athletes.

The SOLARO digital platform offers students in grades 3-12 academic lessons and hundreds of practice questions tailored to provincial grade-level curricula. Whether an elementary school student learning critical study skills or a high school student preparing for final course exams, SOLARO can be individualized to support specific learning goals.

Many CJGA athletes have the opportunity to travel and train to perfect their game, and SOLARO helps student athletes who are challenged to excel both in their sport and in the classroom. The comprehensive digital tool is easy to use and available on all digital platforms 24/7 to reinforce classroom learning conveniently from home or on the go. Its targeted educational materials help athletes better balance the demands of competitions, practices, training and travel with academic demands.

“We are dedicated to providing our young athletes tools for success not only on the links but in the classroom,” said Earl Fritz, CEO of the CJGA. “This collaboration with Castle Rock is testament to our continued commitment to helping CJGA young athletes gain the academic skills they need for future success as well-rounded young adults.”

“Castle Rock is honoured to support the CJGA in their mission to help young athletes succeed academically in addition to pursuing the perfect hole-in-one,” said Gautam RAO, CEO of Castle Rock Research Corp. “We admire CJGA’s commitment to education and are pleased to be a partner in their effort to help students unlock their full academic potential.”

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Canadian Junior Golf Association

The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is a “registered Canadian amateur athletic association” (RCAAA) non-for-profit registered federally with Revenue Canada.

The CJGA is dedicated to providing Canada’s youth with the necessary skills and knowledge required to lay a foundation for their future. We recognize that the future of our Country lies with our youth. 

The Canadian Junior Golf Association through the game of golf instills intrinsic values that include the development and growth of character, sportsmanship, discipline, integrity, maturity and personal growth that will enable them to take their rightful place in a highly competitive international environment. By helping junior golfers to develop these skills we are helping to build a strong future for Canada through and for its youth. 

The Canadian Junior Golf Association’s mission is to enrich the lives of our youth through education, golf competition and training.

Castle Rock Research Corporation

Castle Rock Research is an education resource development company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1995, Castle Rock helps Canadian and U.S. students in grades 3-12 reach academic success with its wide range of print and digital education solutions in Math, Science and English Language Arts. Castle Rock uses secure proprietary technology for developing, managing, and deploying educational content, which are aligned to accurately reflect each region’s standards and curricula. Castle Rock supports learning and achievement for individual students as well as through schools, school districts and library systems. It also has an extensive partnership network to reach students in sports communities throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as corporate partnerships. 


SOLARO (Student-Oriented Learning, Assessment, & Reporting Online) is a student self-directed learning resource that can augment the curriculum in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science for grades 3-12. SOLARO also offers students diagnostic assessments with detailed descriptions associated with their responses to gauge what they know and where the learning gaps still exist. SOLARO is a digital resource, compatible with phones, tablets, and full computers with online and offline access.