2023 Girls Junior Americas Cup Day 3 Recap.

Oliver, BC (July 27th, 2023) – The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is hosting the 45th Girls Junior Americas Cup at the beautiful Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course. Day Three has finished and the 45th Girls Junior Americas Cup is now in the books. Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge thank you to all the participants that traveled to the lovely province of British Columbia, Canada. We want to thank everyone involved with the tournament, with a special thanks to Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course for allowing the CJGA to host the event. This couldn’t have been done without the efforts of our Director of Tournament Operations Tyler Torrieri, our photographer Fairway Vision, Duncan O’Brien, and the rest of the CJGA staff and volunteers.

Junior Girls Top 3 Individual Winner

Finishing first place and winning the 45th Girls Junior Americas Cup is Kara Kaneshiro from Honolulu, Hawaii.


  • R1: 74 (+2)
  • R2: 70 (-2)
  • R3: 74 (+2)
  • Total: 218 (+2)

Finishing tied for second place is Raya Nakao from Kaneohe, Hawaii.


  • R1: 70 (-2)
  • R2: 74 (+2)
  • R3: 76 (+4)
  • Total: 220 (+4)

Finishing tied for second place is Clarisa Temelo from Queretaro, Mexico.


  • R1: 70 (-2)
  • R2: 75 (+3)
  • R3: 75 (+3)
  • Total: 220 (+4)

Finishing tied for second place is Natalie Yen from West Linn, Oregon.


  • R1: 69 (-3)
  • R2: 72 (E)
  • R3: 79 (+7)
  • Total: 220 (+4)

Junior Girls Top 3 Team Winners

First Place: Team Hawaii

Combined Scores:

R1: 220 (+4)

R2: 217 (+1)

R3: 224 (+8)

Total: 661 (+13)

Second Place: Team Southern California

Combined Scores:

  • R1: 223 (+7)
  • R2: 221 (+5)
  • R3: 229 (+13)
  • Total: 673 (+25)

Third Place: Team Washington

Combined Scores:

  • R1: 224 (+8)
  • R2: 226 (+10)
  • R3: 234 (+18)
  • Total 684 (+36)

Top Story

Our top story of the event is the winner of the Joan Teats Award. Joan Teats founded the Washington Junior Golf Association in 1977, then one year later founded the Girls Junior Americas Cup. The award was created in 2014, called the Joan Teats Inspirational Award it awards the best team exhibiting the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, honesty, friendship, and respect. This year’s recipient was team Northern Nevada, congratulations to the team for winning such a prestigious and meaningful award.

For complete tournament leaderboards, visit the official CJGA tournament Page at https://cjga.onpar.golf/tournament_overview.php?tournament_id=2506

For more details regarding the Girls Junior Americas Cup, visit the official website at https://gjac.org/

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