Company to offer all CJGA players 20% off any greens and yardage Book

Richmond Hill (November 15th, 2022) – The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is delighted to announce a partnership with StrackaLine, which will see them become the Official Greens and Yardage Book of the CJGA and offer all CJGA members a reduced price on all products.

Thanks to a partnership with StrackaLine, greens and yardage books can be purchased for a reduced price of 20% off, which will be automatically added to your shopping cart at checkout.

StrackaLine Yardage Books are available for all courses. StrackaLine Greens Guides & Combination Books are available for select courses. CLICK HERE to purchase books for any course in the StrackaLine database!

“We are so excited to partner with StrackaLine to offer our players a greater insight into the courses we will be visiting throughout 2023 and beyond,” said CJGA Manager of Tour Operations Ryan Shaw. “Justin and the team at StrackaLine have produced a great product that has become a vital part in players fully understanding a course in order to best navigate it both before and during a tournament. CJGA players who purchase StrackaLine greens and yardage books will not only do so at a great reduced rate, but will also gain a competitive advantage to help them perform their best at host courses throughout 2023.”

This partnership comes ahead of our final tournament of the year, the 2022 CJGA World Junior Challenge at Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort. StrackaLine has produced a greens and yardage book for all Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort courses to be played on, at a 20% discounted cost to all CJGA players.

“We are very excited to be the official greens guide and yardage book for the CJGA”, said Justin Porter, Vice President of Sales for StrackaLine. “The CJGA events are steppingstones to collegiate and professional careers for junior golfers in Canada and we are very happy that our books will be used to improve junior golfers overall level of play in Canada,” added Porter.

To capitalize on the 20% discounted rate for CJGA players from StrackaLine, visit, or use the ‘CJGA’ promotion code at checkout.

Learn more about StrackaLine below.

About StrackaLine

Since 2007, StrackaLine is the trusted Greens Guides and Yardage Book supplier to all the touring professionals, collegiate teams, and all levels of amateur golf. StrackaLine’s USGA compliant greens guides offer a level of detail and accuracy not available anywhere else for the most precise green reading. The yardage books include complete tee-to-green measurements for every hole. StrackaLine books elevate the overall level of play for any golfer, improves their scores by making more putts and will guarantee to help save strokes under critical tournament situations.

The StrackaLine Combination books (Greens Guides and Yardage in one book) includes the following:

· USGA compliant Greens Guides with:

3 different green depictions:

– Slope % view.

– Slope heat map view.

– Elevation View.

– Stats and notes page.

· Yardage book portion includes complete tee to green measurements for every hole along with:

– Elevation changes tee to green.

– Cover distance to bunkers and penalty areas.

– Distance Rings.

– Compass off tee shot and to greens.

– Fairway arrows (when available).

– Width of Key areas such as penalty to penalty areas.

The best players in the world are using StrackaLine books and you can too!

About the Canadian Junior Golf Association

The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is a “registered Canadian amateur athletic association” (RCAAA) non-for-profit registered federally with Revenue Canada. The CJGA provides Canada’s junior golfers with the necessary skills and knowledge required to lay a foundation for a future in competitive golf.

Through its six-stage competitive development program that focuses on tournaments, clinics, and international competitions, the CJGA introduces the game to juniors as young as five and offers competitive multi-day events for the more advanced golfer.

The CJGA acts as a feeder system to provincial and national competitions, collegiate and university golf, as well as professional and recreational golf. For more information, please visit