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Along with our Junior and Linkster Tour Early Bird Registration deals, this year we will be adding a NEW Polair Golf Membership that will provide members with exclusive perks to use at Polair Golf.

The Polair Golf Membership, in partnership with Polair Golf, will provide all members with a free session at Polair Golf, plus 50% off any CJGA Winter League event of your choice in addition to all the perks included in our traditional Junior and Linkster Tour Memberships.

Free Session at Polair Golf

The Polair Golf Membership will allow all members to have a free session of virtual golf at Polair Golf to develop their games during the winter months before our 2022 outdoor season.

Located in Acton, Ontario, Polair Golf prides itself on being a hub for high-performance golf training and does so with four TrackMan simulators throughout their state-of-the-art facility.

50% Off Any Winter League Event

The Polair Golf Membership will also offer members 50% off any CJGA Winter League event hosted at Polair Golf during our inaugural season.

The CJGA Winter Leagues are competitive tournaments held virtually using TrackMan technology at Polair Golf. The CJGA Winter Leagues will provide all participants with the opportunity to develop their games throughout the winter months, while engaging in classic CJGA competition.

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50% Off Any Polair Golf Winter League Event