US KIDS World Championship Qualifying

Qualifying Spots Available Via CJGA Linkster Tour

The CJGA is able to award a total of two (2) spots via the Linkster Tour in each age category for the 2019 US Kids World Championship.  These spots will be distributed regionally with one (1) spot in each division being awarded to players in Western Canada and one (1) spot being awarded to players in Eastern Canada.  Spots will be determined and awarded via a series of regional qualifiers held in the spring.  There will be two (2) qualifiers held in Western Canada and two (2) qualifiers held in Eastern Canada.

For a breakdown of the spots available in each division please click on the drop down menus below.

Requirements for Qualifying Through The CJGA

Juniors who wish to qualify for CJGA Team Canada must meet the following requirements

  • Juniors must play in one of the designated qualifiers for the international competition.
  • Juniors must meet the age requirement for the international event when participating in the qualifier.
  • Juniors must be a member in good standing of the Canadian Junior Golf Association.

2019 Linkster Tour Qualifiers & Venues (Ages 6 - 12)

Western Canada Qualifying Venues & Dates (Ages 6 - 12 via the Linkster Tour)

Eastern Canada Qualifying Venues & Dates (Ages 6 - 12 via the Linkster Tour)

How the CJGA Selection Process Works

The CJGA Team Canada Selection Committee will determine the juniors who represent CJGA Team Canada by the following process:

  • All results from the designated qualifiers are merged into one field for Team West (BCJL2 & AJL2) and one field for Team East (OJL5 & ATJL1) in each age category
  • Scores will then be adjusted based on the difficulty of weather conditions, course conditions, and course rating
  • The adjusted scores will then be sorted by the committee
  • Juniors with serious code of conduct violations will be removed from the list
  • The juniors with the lowest adjusted scores in each age category will then be selected to represent CJGA Team Canada

*Note: The CJGA reserves the right to select team members outside of qualifying requirements

US Kids Qualifying Rules & Regulations

1. Every qualified individual must have met the scoring requirements shown on the U.S. Kids Golf website in order to compete in a Championship event - Click Here for More Information on Scoring Requirements.

2. In order to participate in the “Kids” World Championship, player must have turned 5 years old prior to July 31st, 2019.

3. A player does not have to qualify in his or her country of residence or origin. Therefore, all international qualifying events are open in regards to USKG events.

4. Countries and qualifying regions will NOT be granted additional spots at this time, but individual players will have the ability to apply via resume:

(a) European Championship – Players have the ability to send their personal applications by email to anytime after registration opens. Players will be accepted or denied shortly after receiving his or her competition record.

(b) Teen World Championship & “Kids” World Championship - Applications for the World Championships will NOT be accepted by players in a country or region that currently holds an official U.S. Kids Golf Qualifier, unless “extenuating circumstances” apply. USKG will determine if a player from an international country is eligible for acceptance based on an application. Therefore, players who would like to apply may visit the World Championship website. Of course, players from countries WITHOUT a qualifier have the ability to apply anytime after registration opens.

A player’s age group for the World Championship is determined by his or her age on July 31st, 2019. In order to participate, a player must have turned 5 years old prior to these dates.

6. All qualifying individuals MUST register for the USKG Club in order to sign up and participate in the event. Also, every participant must register using his or her own family information. Please remember that the information entered into the USKG Club will be the information posted on the scoreboard during events.

7. If a player from an international country has already qualified through previous European Championships or World Championships, then his or her spot in the event DOES NOT count against the total number of spots available per age group. If a previously qualified player participates in a country’s official qualifier and finishers ahead of unqualified players, then his or her invitation will pass down to the next best participant, as long as this person has met the USKG Scoring Requirement…See website link in Rule #1.

8. Invitations are on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Therefore, players are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

9. The Sibling Policy does not apply to qualifiers.

10. US KIDS Sibling Policy - In order to qualify under the sibling exemption, the sibling must have eligible USKG Priority Status that does not expire prior to the desired event. For players that meet these requirements, they must send an email to requesting a sibling exemption. We will verify and approve based upon availability. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

August 1-3, 2019
Pinehurst, North Carolina

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The US Kids Golf World Championship is truly unique with a total field size exceeding 1000 golfers for the last four years.  The event has most US states and over 20 countries from around the world represented.  The five-day tournament format includes: opening and closing ceremonies, practice rounds, a three-day tournament as well as other activities