About the Championship

The San Diego Junior Golf Association was founded on the principle of serving young people, in the hope that by doing so today's youth will have a better chance of creating the world we all want.  The IMG Academy Junior World Championship is an extension of that principle. Founded in 1968, the Junior World Championship has grown to over 1250 participants representing 56 countries and 42 states.

The IMG Academy Junior World Championship is the largest international junior event in the world and provides a great opportunity for today's young players to showcase their immense talent against the best in the world.

Many Junior World champions have gone on to enjoy successful careers in the professional ranks on the PGA TOUR & LPGA Tour including the likes of Notah Begay III, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Corey Pavin, Pat Perez, Nick Price, David Toms & Tiger Woods.

Past girls' champions include Amy Alcott, Brandie Burton, Lorena Ochoa and Jennifer Rosales.


Individual stroke-play.  The number of holes and courses played will depend on the individuals gender and age division.  For more information on the IMG Junior World Championships please visit


Each spring the CJGA conducts a number of qualifying events for the IMG Junior Worlds Championship in Canada to determine the players who will represent CJGA Team Canada.

Qualifying opportunities are available for players age 7 - 18 years of age (is not yet 19 as of July 16, 2021).  Your individual age will determine which qualifier you must participate in for your chance to qualify for the championship.

Please check the CJGA Tournament Schedule for the events that are scheduled at IMG Junior Worlds Qualifiers.

NOTE: Age Groups 13-14 & 15-18 (Boys & Girls) (is not yet 19 as of July 16, 2021) must qualify via the CJGA Junior Tour Qualifying series of events.

NOTE: Age Groups 11-12, 9-10, and 7-8 (Boys & Girls) must qualify via the CJGA Linkster Tour Qualifying series of events - the following events & qualifying criteria apply for 2020.

How the players/teams are chosen?

CJGA Team Canada Selection Information and Process

Players who participate in International qualifiers through Canada must meet certain criteria.

For 2 rounds, they must have a combined score of no less than 150. Players across Canada, given this criteria, are then put into a data spreadsheet.

Their scores, conditions of the golf course, degree of difficulty and weather are taken into account. There is point system applied to everything other than the score.

Once this is completed, a sort is done. Players who finish first in the realignment are given the first opportunity. If they cannot for some reason go, the opportunity is given to next person on the list and so forth. Ties in the selection process will be decided by Section A of the CJGA Conditions of the Competition.

In the case that a qualifying event is cancelled on one of the days through certain conditions, and the qualifying is only one day, an adjustment will be made to how we consider the score for qualifying. This will be posted prior to selection by the CJGA Committee.


  1. Juniors not in good standing or with serious code of conduct violations will be removed from the list.
  2. The CJGA also maintains the right to have 2 captains picks outside of this criteria.
  3. The CJGA reserves the right to select team members outside of these qualifying requirements.

Juniors who wish to represent CJGA Team Canada must meet the following requirements:

  1. Juniors must play in the designated qualifier for the international competition
    1. Juniors age 12 and under must qualify through the CJGA Linkster Tour
    2. Juniors age 13-18 (is not yet 19 as of July 16, 2021) must qualify through the CJGA Junior Tour
  2. In order to be eligible for qualifying, juniors must meet the age requirement for the international event and compete in the proper age division at the time of the qualifier.
  3. Juniors must be a full member and in good standing with the CJGA.
  4. Juniors who are selected to represent Canada must fall under one of the following categories
    1. Are a Canadian Citizen
    2. Hold a permanent resident card
    3. Reside in Canada with a current US Visa
  5. Juniors must meet the scoring requirements for his/her age category as indicated below:
Age Group 36 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes
Boys 15-18 148 74 n/a
Boys 13-14 156 76 n/a
Boys 11-12 164 82 n/a
Boys 9-10 90 n/a
Boys 7-8 52
Girls 15-17 158 76 n/a
Girls 13-14 166 80 n/a
Girls 11-12 174 87 n/a
Girls 9-10 94 n/a
Girls 7-8 52

Note: The CJGA reserves the right to adjust or increase the scoring requirements listed above when determining how spots awarded.

Total # Of Spots Available

  • Boys - Age 15-18 (is not yet 19 as of July 16, 2021) (4 spots)
  • Girls - Age 15-18 (is not yet 19 as of July 16, 2021) (4 spots)
  • Boys - Age 13-14 (4 spots)
  • Girls - Age 13-14 (4 spots)
  • Boys - Age 11-12 (4 spots)
  • Girls - Age 11-12 (3 spots)
  • Boys - Age 9-10 (5 spots)
  • Girls - Age 9-10 (3 spots)
  • Boys - Age 7-8 (3 spots)
  • Girls - Age 7-8 (3 spots)