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International Event Competition Information & Requirements

About International Events

As part of its 6 stage development program, the Canadian Junior Golf Association offers elite junior golfers in Canada* the opportunity to qualify for international events through the CJGA Junior Tour and CJGA Linkster Tour.

The CJGA makes its best efforts to conduct qualifying tournaments across Canada in order to provide all members with the opportunity to participate in such events, however in some instances the number of qualifying opportunities are limited and therefore can only be hosted in specific regions.

Players are chosen throughout Canada to represent our country using set qualifiers in each designated Province.

International Qualifying Opportunities

Over the past 29 years the of conducting elite competitions, the CJGA has built relationships with numerous International Federations, Associations & Tournament Organizations.  These relationships have provided our members with the opportunity to earn spots to represent Canada into some of the most highly recognized International Junior competitions in the world.

For information on how to qualify for international competitions that interest you through the CJGA, please visit the events listed under the International Event Qualifying section under the tournament drop down menu. Click on the section that you are interested in finding out more information about

How the players/teams are chosen?

CJGA Team Canada Selection Information and Process

Players who participate in International qualifiers through Canada must meet certain criteria.

For 2 rounds, they must have a combined score of no less than 150. Players across Canada, given this criteria, are then put into a data spreadsheet.

Their scores, conditions of the golf course, degree of difficulty and weather are taken into account. There is point system applied to everything other than the score.

Once this is completed, a sort is done. Players who finish first in the realignment are given the first opportunity. If they cannot for some reason go, the opportunity is given to next person on the list and so forth. Ties in the selection process will be decided by Section A of the CJGA Conditions of the Competition.

In the case that a qualifying event is cancelled on one of the days through certain conditions, and the qualifying is only one day, an adjustment will be made to how we consider the score for qualifying. This will be posted prior to selection by the CJGA Committee.


  1. Juniors not in good standing or with serious code of conduct violations will be removed from the list.
  2. The CJGA also maintains the right to have 2 captains picks outside of this criteria.
  3. The CJGA reserves the right to select team members outside of these qualifying requirements if players do not meet the qualifying requirements.

Juniors who wish to represent CJGA Team Canada must meet the following requirements:

  1. Juniors must play in the designated qualifier for the international competition
    1. Juniors age 12 and under must qualify through the CJGA Linkster Tour
    2. Juniors age 13-17 must qualify through the CJGA Junior Tour
  2. In order to be eligible for qualifying, juniors must meet the age requirement for the international event and compete in the proper age division at the time of the qualifier.
  3. Juniors must be a full member and in good standing with the CJGA.
  4. Juniors who are selected to represent Canada must fall under one of the following categories
    1. Are a Canadian Citizen
    2. Hold a permanent resident card
    3. Reside in Canada with a current US Visa
  5. Juniors must meet the scoring requirements for his/her age category as indicated below:
Age Group 36 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes
Boys 15-17 148 74 n/a
Boys 13-14 156 76 n/a
Boys 11-12 164 82 n/a
Boys 9-10 90 n/a
Boys 7-8 52
Girls 15-17 158 76 n/a
Girls 13-14 166 80 n/a
Girls 11-12 174 87 n/a
Girls 9-10 94 n/a
Girls 7-8 52

Note: The CJGA reserves the right to adjust or increase the scoring requirements listed above when determining how spots awarded.


  • All International Events are subject to different qualifying & eligibility regulations.
  • Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the corresponding qualifying rules for the event you wish to participate in, details on qualifying rules for specific events can be accessed through the links located above.
  • In order to participate in an international event as part of a provincial team or team Canada, successful qualifiers must be a Canadian Citizen.
  • In order to utilize an exemption offered through a CJGA competition, successful qualifiers must be a member of the CJGA in good standing.
  • Non-members are eligible to participate in CJGA competitions & qualifiers, however to participate as a part of an international team successful qualifiers must be an active member of the CJGA.


International Team/Individual Competitions

The CJGA has also partnered with other associations & junior organizations to conduct elite team championships such as the North America Cup & Euro Cup.

The North America Cup is a competition involving Canada vs the United States. Every other year, the competition is either held in Canada or in the United States.

The Euro Cup is a competition that involves a match play competition between three countries: Canada, the United States and Scotland. It is played at various historic courses throughout Scotland.

The CJGA also conducts its own highly recognized International Competition - The CJGA World Junior Challenge - each December at the highly acclaimed Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. Innisbrook is the home of the Valspar Open. The CJGA World Junior Challenge has been on the CJGA Schedule for 29 years and is one of the top events held in the world at this time.

For more information on how to qualify as part of Team Canada for our international team competitions or how to compete int he World Junior Challenge please select from the links below.

Past International Successes

CJGA Members  and Teams have made great strides in international competitions.

In 2003, CJGA Team Canada captured its first World Junior Golf Cup in Scotland, defeating a tough American contingent. The team also went on to claim victory in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 over Team USA and the Fife Golfing Union.

In 2004 CJGA Team Canada’s claimed its first North America Cup victory at Berkeley Hall Golf Club in Hilton Head, SC. Canada recaptured the title in 2007 with a victory at Weston Golf & Country Club in Toronto over their American counterparts.  Following a seven-year drought, CJGA Team Canada captured the cup once again  in 2014 on American soil, and last year (2018) the CJGA brought the trophy home once again after a victory in Myrtle Beach

Great individual performances have also been recorded on the international stage by CJGA members.

Eugene Wong of North Vancouver, BC (2008) and Adam Svensson of Surrey, BC (2010) captured individual titles at the Junior World Golf Championship and Matt Williams (Calgary, AB) had a 4th place finish in 2012.


About CJGA

No matter what your skill, there is a level for you in the CJGA’s 6-stage development program. The CJGA is an RCAAA (Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association) not-for-profit as designated by Revenue Canada (Registration Number 88873 8176 RR0001).

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