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Through the CJGA, Develop Sportsmanship, Leadership & more skills

“Golf is generally not a team sport but it has played a part in developing the business skills and perception of many professionals. It is an excellent way to measure a potential candidate if you’re considering leadership training or choosing a new management team. How can a game of golf can mark how to find your future business leaders.

Playing golf is an opportunity to look at personnel traits and identify strengths and weaknesses as leader outside of the workplace. A climpse into personal lives and behaviours of junior golfers can play a part in screening potential business moves and leadership potential.

Golf allows junior golfers to develop such things as:

  • Decision making.  Everything from approaching a lie that your ball is in to following through with a swing takes deliberateness to be executed properly. Golf is a game of patience, preparation, and consistency.
  • Accountability. Golf is also a game of etiquette. Keeping yourself and everyone honest in reporting their scores and being polite at the same time requires great skill.  
  • Self-control. During a round or even in the practice area mistakes may be made. To be in control throughout your game and life can show the junior golfers potential in a position of leadership. 

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