Junior Golf Hub (www.juniorgolfhub.com) is the premier online community for junior golfers on the rise, parents and college coaches seeking top talent.

JGH provides robust technology tools and education that help players advance to U.S. college golf.  The Hub allows Junior Golfers to build a compelling profile and then ‘Find and Follow’ college golf programs they are interested in.  College coaches search our database of talent and then follow golfers they are interested in recruiting.  In addition, Premium members can access The Hub’s Essential Guide to college golf recruiting which contains clear, step-by-step instructions to playing at the next level.

Overview to College Golf

The following section provides an overview of the college golf landscape in the United States, helps parents and players understand the key steps necessary to play golf in college, and provides an overview of life as a collegiate golfer.

Playing golf in college can be a very rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to compete against top talent and form friendships that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the process can also be very involved and time consuming with many pitfalls along the way.

To help you, our partner Junior Golf Hub has put together a primer to help you on your journey.   The primer includes an overview of the varied landscape of college golf programs, scoring statistics at each level, a detailed year by year checklist, and overview of life as a collegiate golfer.    Feel free to contact Junior Golf Hub with any questions or for additional help on your college golf journey.


U.S. College Golf Landscape

Year by Year Timeline

College Golf 101

Resources to help

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