CJGA Coach’s Membership

CJGA Coach’s Membership


Dear College/University Coach,

With the increase in demand for college scholarships from Junior Golfers and the increase in demand for potential golfers that will take your University/College to next level, the Canadian Junior Golf Association has developed an exceptional membership opportunity for University/College Golf Coaches in the United States and Canada.

Designed to attract potential team members, the program gives coaches the ability to display their schools and school’s information on the CJGA website for potential recruitment.

Over the past few years Canadian Junior Golfers have risen the bar through their participation in NCAA tournaments and graduation to the professional ranks throughout North America. Matt Hill and James Lepp, Canadian Junior Golf Association Alumni, each won the NCAA crown in 2005 and 2009 respectively.

Canada is a haven for unrecognized talent in junior golf. With College/University budget’s being a major concern, the Canadian Junior Golf Association can help you find your next potential champion.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is a “registered Canadian amateur athletic association” (RCAAA) registered Nationally in Canada.

Stephen Ames, PGA Tour Professional, is our National Spokesperson.Today, the CJGA has launched a College/University Coach’s Portal to give you access to many of our young developing players, their videos, and their stats.

We invite you to join the College/University Coach’s Portal.

The College/University Coach’s Portal is unique.

Once you join the Portal, not only can you gain information on potential junior golfers in Canada but they can gain information on your College/University, student life, academics and even videos on your College/University program.

Once you join, just download videos of your school, program, golf team as well as information on your academics, bio on your school, students life, and even info on your golf team etc. To make the recruiting process easier the CJGA, through their information network, will give coaches a first hand look at Canada’s top prospects. In return, juniors and parents will be able to navigate and locate a college or university that best suits their academic and athletic ability.

Benefits of “University/Collegiate Program”

College/University Coaches Membership Fee

$50 American or $60 Canadian “University/Collegiate Program”

Members Receive: