2019 Junior America's Cup Host Housing

One of the unique traditions of the Junior America's Cup is the aspect of Host Housing or Billeting for the participants.  This tradition goes all the way back to the original foundations of the championship and is considered to be the most important off-course experiences that the players gain from by participating in the event.

The concept of billeting in junior sports is not unique to golf, however golf is probably one of the only sports where it can be experienced at almost every level, including in the professional ranks.  Staying with local families during the event, helps players to learn how compete while coping with an environment that might take them out of typical comfort level.

The experience also reinforces important values such as respect & humility, values that transcend the game itself.

If you are interested in hosting members of one of the teams in your home during the event please complete form below

Billeting Responsibilities

The responsibilities involved in being a host family for the Junior America's Cup are not extensive.  Below are the primary elements that we ask of our host families.  Please note that in general we prefer to have players hosted in groups of 2 or 4.

  • Provide a bed or pull-out for the players for up to 4 nights (Sun - Thu)
    • Although most teams will depart on Thursday afternoon, depending on flights some may require access to rooms on Thursday night as well.
  • Allow players access to a shower
  • Provide transportation too & from the golf course during the week
    • Providing transportation is not necessarily required of our host families, however if you are able to drop the players off at the golf course in the morning and pick them up in the evening it is helpful.
    • The players are usually happy to stay around the course after their rounds and practice, so the need to be at the course right when they finish is not necessary.  Many host families will drop their players off early prior to the first tee-time and then pick them up later in the evening.
    • If you aren't able to provide transportation, arrangements can be made by the team coaches.
  • Meals
    • Meals are not necessarily a requirement of billets, but it is up to you if you want to provide them with access to any at the home.
    • Lunches are provided for players following their rounds each day at the golf course and the opening night banquet held on Monday night takes care of dinner on this occasion.
    • Team Captains are able to arrange for breakfast and dinner for the players if you are unable to accommodate.
    • Traditionally the Team Captain will look to arrange a dinner for the host family with the players on the Wednesday evening of the event.

Host Housing Registration

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