The GolfTec National Order of Merit is a year long points race that encompasses the entirety of the CJGA National Tournament Schedule.  Players are awarded points based on their finish place in each event.  Points earned are ranked against other players competing in the same division and Tour.  CJGA events operate under a 4 Tier Model with each Tier awarding different quantity of points to each finish place.

Tier 1 Events – National Championships consisting of 54 – 72 hole of competition.

Tier 2 Events – Regional Championships consisting of 36 – 54 hole of competition.

Teir 3 Events – Regional Tournaments consisting of 36 hole of competition.

Tier 4 Events – Regional Tournaments consisting of 18 hole of competition.

NOTE: Each time you open the GOLFTEC CJGA Merit Points, it will display the current year. To sort by groups, ie Junior Boys, Junior Girls, on the right side you will see a search bar. In the search bar enter the name of the division ie Junior Boys, a search will commence. If the point order is good (descending order), you don’t have to do anything more but it the order doesn’t look right, in the points section you will see an arrow. Click on it to change the order.

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