The Canadian Junior Golf Association recognizes that the future of our Country lies with our youth. Their success will be determined by the efforts we make today to develop the character, maturity and personal growth that will enable them to take their rightful place in a highly competitive international environment. These are the very skills our programs build. By helping junior golfers, regardless of their economic means, to develop these skills we are helping to build a strong future for Canada through and for its youth.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association is a “registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association” – a charity. In twenty-two short years, through the hard work and dedication of a few people, we have developed a program that has assisted thousands of Canadian young people.

The teaching philosophy exemplified in our mentor programs, clinics, multi-day tournaments, our International Events and our Golf camps has garnered an international reputation for the quality of the program and the junior players it produces. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers.

We have only scratched the surface. While the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s programs play a major role in developing our youth in Canada, it needs dedicated volunteers in order to succeed and provide programs for our youth to develop.

We have made every effort to open the door to all young people, regardless of economic means, but the reality is that without greater support these efforts will meet with limited success.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association needs you as a volunteer to help in many ways.

As an association, we need your help to:

As a volunteer, you become a “Partner” in helping develop our youth in life and in this great game of golf. As a volunteer, you can help the Canadian Junior Golf Association accomplish our mission; help provide programs that are open to all young people regardless of economic or other disadvantages; and help expand CJGA programs that will build our youth’s character, the competitive spirit and skills.

How can you help as a Volunteer?

Lending a hand to develop young people in Canada to further their dreams, develop their personality, give them a foundation, and prepare them for the future is a prime directive of the Canadian Junior Golf Association.

Many young people do not have the opportunity to play sports because they cannot afford it. Many young people scrape the barrel to find the finances necessary to compete in sport. Many young people are unaware of the opportunities that sport gives them. Canada falls far behind in developing athletes that can compete on a world stage. Our training programs need your help to develop our young athletes so that they can challenge the world.

There is two ways for you as a Volunteer to become a part of the future for these young people.

1. Volunteer to help with CJGA Events and Tournaments

What can you do?

2. Volunteer as a fundraiser

Playing golf is expensive for our youth. Fostering the development of young golfers requires our youth playing under demanding conditions and in outstanding competitive venues. The Canadian Junior Golf Association’s events in Canada provide these and much more. The International events the Canadian Junior Golf Association participates in go a step beyond.

How you can help?

Become a volunteer and help our youth realize their goals.

Call the Canadian Junior Golf Association and speak to Brad Parkins, COO, 1-877-508-1069 ext. 221.

Benefits of being a CJGA Volunteer

Become a volunteer

For more information call the Canadian Junior Golf Association 1-877-508-1069