Chip ‘n Chicks Grant



Administered by the Canadian Junior Golf Association

A primary mandate of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) is to provide opportunities for our youth to learn, play and develop their character through the game of golf. By partnering with Chip ‘n Chicks, the Canadian Junior Golf Association will be offering a grant each year to a deserving female.

The Chip ‘n Chicks Grant

This grant can be the difference of a young girl(s) playing golf for the first time and finding her true passion or the opportunity to help afford additional competitive experiences in the pursuit achieving personal goals and dreams through golf.

What ever the purpose, the Chip ‘n Chicks Grant is to find someone with a passion and help her pursue it.

What should be included in a letter of application for support:

In a separate letter, you should provide the information below asking for assistance.