There are over 400,000 potential young golfers in Canada according to a RCGA Participation Study. Not all have the opportunity to participate in competitive events. The CJGA is constantly creating opportunities for young people but needs your help.

Playing golf is becoming more expensive. Fostering the development of young golfers requires our youth play under demanding conditions and in outstanding competitive venues. The Canadian Junior Golf Association’s events in Canada provide these and much more.

Many parents fund their children’s dreams through the use of mastercard, visa and american express but many cannot.

The International events the Canadian Junior Golf Association participates in go a step beyond.

Yet, all this costs money. Many members of the Canadian Junior Golf Association will represent Canada in England, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. In order to participate, junior golfers must raise sufficient funds. But raising these funds is, at times, very difficult. Here is an opportunity for you to benefit our youth of today.

We have only scratched the surface. While golf is a healthy, wholesome activity that relies on both physical and mental discipline to succeed, it is also relatively expensive. We have made every effort to open the door to all young people, regardless of economic means. But the reality is, without greater support these efforts will meet with limited success.

There is no way we could afford our programs without your assistance. Remember our youth is our future. Become a valuable partner in the development of the Canadian Junior Golf Association. Allow us to explore this tremendous opportunity for the young people of our country. Because the Canadian Junior Golf Associations goal is to make a difference in young peoples lives, we ask that you consider a tax-deductible gift.

Your generous support will go a long way to help benefit the programs of the Canadian Junior Golf Association and make them the best available.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association is a not for profit corporation, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA).

Contributions to the Canadian Junior Golf Association support the programs that the CJGA conducts. All contributions to the CJGA are tax deductible and treated for tax purposes in the same manner as charitable contributions, whether made by an individual or a business.

Take Advantage NOW by donating before December 31, 2020 to receive a tax deduction for the 2020 year.

Consider a donation and become a partner.

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