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About CJGA Membership


  • Are you a Junior or Amateur player looking for a place to compete & hone your skills?
  • Perhaps you are pursuing college scholarship opportunities & want a place to help you build your competitive resume?
  • Perhaps you are just an accomplished golfer that desires to keep playing at a competitive level in organized competitions.
  • Do you want to get your name recognized by National & International ranking organizations?


  • Are you  to newcomer to the game of golf but want to see what competition is all about & test your skills against your peers?
  • Or perhaps you are just looking for a place to make friends who share your passion for the game of golf?

Whatever your goals and skill level are there is a place for you with the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA), Canada’s largest Junior Golf Association.

The CJGA’s competitions & programs are designed to provide players of all ages & skill with a place to develop their game in an environment that is fun, safe & competitive.

Our events & competitions are professionally organized & operated by a dedicated group of staff & volunteers who share a passion for the traditions of the game we all love.

Join the CJGA Today & start your journey through the game of Golf.  #YourFutureStartsHere!


Young people should join the CJGA to:

  • Improve your skill level
  • Prepare themselves for a future in the Golf Industry
  • For Health Benefits
  • To establish a resume
  • To develop lifelong friendships

By becoming a member of the Canadian Junior Golf Association you will be part of an organization that Promotes:

  • Development of character
  • Honesty and Sportsmanship
  • Integrity

You will:

  • Have a safe place to play
  • Learn to deal with your emotion
  • Learn to deal with diversity
  • Enjoy the scenic outdoors on a golf course

By becoming a member of the Canadian Junior Golf Association you will be helping to grow the game of golf, CJGA Junior/Amateur programs and initiatives.

As an RCAAA (Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association) your membership fee is tax deductible & you’ll automatically receive a tax receipt for your registration.


Membership: $215.00

Ages: 19 – 24 years


  • Amateur Men (U24)
  • Amateur Women (U24)

Tournament Formats:
Involves Multi-Day Competitions, Stroke Play and Match Play



Membership: $215.00

Ages: 12-18 years


  • Junior Boys (U19)
  • Junior Girls (U19)
  • Bantam Boys (U15)
  • Bantam Girls (U15)

Tournament Formats:
Involves Multi-Day Competitions, Stroke Play and Match Play


Membership: $215.00

Ages: 15-16 years


  • Junior Boys (U17)

Tournament Format:
Multi-Day Competitions


Membership: $149.00

Ages: 4-14 years


  • Bantam Boys (U15)
  • Bantam Girls (U15)
  • Peewee Boys (U13)
  • Peewee Girls (U13)
  • Atom Boys (U11)
  • Atom Girls (U11)
  • Novice Boys (U9)
  • Novice Girls (U9)

Tournament Formats:
Involves 9 & 18 Hole Competitions, Maximum Score, and Multi-Day Competitions

Non-Members of the CJGA:

Juniors who are not current members of the CJGA may enter events with the following restrictions;

  • The event the non-member is applying to enter must be considered an “Open” event by the CJGA and available to non-members.
  • Must pay the Non-member entry fee (CJGA Amateur and Junior Golfers Tour is $60.00 and the CJGA Linkster Fee is $40.00) for each event which they are applying to enter (if applicable) as a non-member.
  • Non-members may only participate in a maximum of two (2) CJGA events in a calendar season.  Non-members who wish to participate in more then two (2) events in a season must become FULL members of the CJGA before competing in their third event and must remit payment of applicable membership dues. Non-member fees charged for the first two events will be deducted from the Full Membership Fee.
  • Must meet any applicable age requirements for the event for which they are applying to enter.

Important notes for non-members:

  • To be eligible to participate and utilize any exemptions awarded by the CJGA for any national or international competitions, juniors must be a Member in good standing with the CJGA for the current calendar season. (Membership may be purchased retroactively of earning said exemption).
  • Once the Tournament Entry Deadline has passed, or if the Waitlist for an event has been activated, or for any Invitational Events – entry priority into the field will first be awarded to current CJGA members in good standing.