Rules of Golf – USGA Videos

I would personally like to thank The USGA ( for allowing the Canadian Junior Golf Association to use the videos below on the Rules of Golf. Along with the USGA, the R&A governs the Rules of Golf World-Wide.

Please feel free to watch these videos. I am sure that they will help you out understanding the Rules of Golf much better. For questions on Rules that are not covered, feel free to contact the CJGA office and speak to Earl Fritz, CJGA Executive Director. Earl is Chair on the Rules Committee at the IMG Junior Worlds held each year in San Diego, California.

Earl Fritz
Executive Director
Canadian Junior Golf Association

1) Immovable Obstructions –
2) Ball Unplayable –
3) Water Hazards –
4) Ball Lost or Out of Bounds –
5) Provisional Ball –
6) Play the Course as You Find It- Part 1 –
7) Play the Course as You Find It- Part 2 –
8) Movable Obstructions –
9) Abnormal Ground Conditions –
10) The Flagstick –
11) Loose Impediments –
12) Nearest Point of Relief –