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Caddie Rules & Guidelines


The CJGA does NOT permit the use of caddies on the Junior Tour in any age group.  Parents should also be aware that in-appropriate communication between parents/spectators & a participant in the competition during their round could be construed as coaching and result in a penalty towards the participant or the removal of the spectator or parent.

To better understand the rules regarding interactions between players & spectators please ensure you familiarize yourself with the CJGA spectator policy by clicking on the link below.


Beginning in 2018 the CJGA will allow caddies for participants in all divisions on the Linkster Tour.  Parents who wish to caddie for their players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following rules & guidelines regarding the use of caddies in Linkster Tour events.

NOTE: Caddies are considered an extension of their player and therefore any violations of the rules of golf by a caddie is considered a violation by the player and may result in penalties against them. 

Linkster Tour Caddie Guidelines/Restrictions

  • Caddies must be 16 years of age or older
  • A player can only have one (1) caddie at a time
  • Novice Division (Boys/Girls - U9) - Caddies are permitted in all areas
  • Atom Division (Boys/Girls - U11) - Caddies are permitted in all areas
  • Peewee Division (Boys/Girls - U13) - Caddies are permitted in all areas
  • Bantam Division (Boys/Girls - U15) - Caddies are permitted in all areas

* The restrictions for caddies in the Bantam Division are intended to prepare these players for the Junior Tour.  Players at this age should be able to manage themselves on and around the putting surface and be responsible for properly keeping & checking their scores.

There are several Rules listed by Golf Canada that relate to caddies in the competition.  Its important that as a caddie you familiarize yourself with these rules so that you do not inadvertently incur a penalty on behalf of your player.  Please take some time to refer to these Rules by clicking on the following link.

CADDIES - Rules of Conduct

The CJGA is committed to maintaining a competitive environment that at the same time remains fun & educational for participants.  Parents are encouraged to caddie for their players to help them play their best and ensure that the environment remains enjoyable for all involved.   The CJGA will not tolerate caddies or spectators who are abusive towards their players or other players in the field, please familiarize yourself and adhere to the following rules of conduct for caddies.

CADDIES - Tips & Tricks for a Successful Caddie

Parents are encouraged to caddie for their kids on the Linkster Tour to help them play their best and have a positive experience.  Caddying is also an opportunity for parents to expand their own knowledge of the game of golf.

To help ensure the best possible experience for both caddies and players please take some time to review the some "Tips" provided through the following link.


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