CJGA Spectator Policy

CJGA Spectator Policy

The CJGA strives to provide the best competitive environment for junior golfers, not only develop their skills as players, but also to develop as young adults.  As a result, the CJGA has developed a Spectator Policy to allow junior golfers to develop their own personal decision-making skills without interference from parents or spectators.

INTERFERENCE AND INFLUENCE:  Spectators, including parents, are to have no influence on play.  Any direction, interference, discipline, scolding, influence, or advice is a violation of the Spectator Policy and/or Code of Conduct.  Any of these incidents or similar incidents may result in disqualification of the player.  Spectators or parents violating this rule will be asked to leave the course and the property.  Incidents will be reviewed by the CJGA Disciplinary Committee to determine any further action.  Serious violations may result in suspension of membership.

MINIMUM DISTANCES AND PROHIBITED AREAS:  A minimum distance of 30 yards must be maintained between the player and spectators in ALL circumstances with the following exceptions:

When cart paths are provided, spectators (walking or riding) MUST stay on those paths.  When no cart paths are available, spectators must walk in the outside rough.

Spectators are prohibited from the following areas:

COMMUNICATION: NO communication (verbal or non-verbal) is to take place with the players during a stipulated round.


i)     Asking or giving the player food, drink, umbrella or the like;

ii) Need to deal with a medical situation.

LOST GOLF BALLS:  The CJGA requests that spectators assist with pace of play by observing when and where golf balls stray.  It is permissible to point to the area where the ball travelled but spectators are not authorized to assist the player in searching for the ball unless asked by a CJGA official.

EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING:  Spectators are permitted to carry items for players (e.g. a rainsuit, umbrella, food, and drink).  However, once a spectator has given the item to the player they are not to retrieve the item at any time during the round.

DRESS CODE:  Each host course has its own particular dress-code policy.  Spectators who do not meet the standard established by the host club and/or the CJGA, will be refused admittance to both the golf course and/or clubhouse.  Please contact the CJGA National Office for more information on a suggested Dress Code for spectators.

CELL PHONES/SMARTPHONES: All mobile devices must be set to the “vibrate” only or “silent” mode or turned off.  Many golf clubs have policies that prohibit the use of mobile phones on the golf course and/or in the clubhouse.  It is the responsibility of the spectator to follow the policy of our host facility.

GOLF CARTS:  Spectators who wish to rent golf carts to ride at a CJGA event may do so from the host golf club.  However, some host courses do not allow golf carts.  Please contact the CJGA National Office or visit the CJGA website for more information.

Spectators must obey the golf course cart policy and must remain on the cart path at all times.  Should the usage of your golf cart interfere with the tournament, you will be asked to return to the clubhouse.


Based on a breach of the Spectator Policy, any or all of the following penalties could be levied:


Alcohol Consumption:  We ask all spectators wishing to consume alcoholic beverages that they do so in the confines of the clubhouse and then only in areas licensed and designed for that purpose.  Even though some clubs offer this service from “the beverage cart”, please respect our wishes in our request that the consumption of alcoholic beverages does not take place in the view of our underage participants.

Smoking on Golf Course:  For those spectators who smoke or use other tobacco products we would appreciate you do so out of the players’ view.


To download a copy of the CJGA Spectator Policy – Click Here