Official Results Policy

Official Results Policy

Due to the growing interest from College Coaches, the CJGA has implemented the following codes for scoreboard usage and CJGA official results.  These codes are to provide juniors, spectators, coaches, etc., a more meaningful and accurate explanation of the information being viewed.

DQ – Player is disqualified for a breach of the Rules of Golf

JWD – Player withdraws due to a medical condition or a family emergency (justified by committee)

NC – Player is disqualified for failing to return a signed scorecard for a stipulated round

NS – Player is disqualified for not showing up for a stipulated round

The CJGA Tournament Committee will determine which of the above codes will show on the scoreboard.

The CJGA Tournament Committee, on an individual basis, will deal with any other actions not covered by these codes.

The CJGA Disciplinary Committee, on a per tournament basis, will review juniors listed as NC or NS.  Disciplinary action may include suspension from future CJGA events.