Championship Events (Performance Based Entry)

Championship Events (Performance Based Entry)

All juniors are encouraged to apply to any CJGA regional or national championships. Priority will be given to those juniors that have performed well in local, provincial, regional, or CJGA events. Championships may have different criteria for acceptance depending on the tournament format.

1. Participants must fill out the Championship Application Form and provide information on past tournament accomplishments and other golfing credentials.

2. Applications must be sent into the CJGA National Office at least four weeks before the championship.

3. Any application with incorrect or falsified resume information will be ineligible for selection.

4. Credit card payment, money orders and cheques that accompany championship applications must be made separate from all Membership and/or regular CJGA Junior Tour events. Cheques must dated four weeks prior to the date of the championship.

5. Entry fees are non-refundable once an applicant has been accepted into the championship.

6. The CJGA Selection Committee will select the field for the championship two weeks before the date of the event. The field will posted on the CJGA website one week prior to the championship.

7. Juniors not accepted will be placed on the Alternate List. If a spot becomes available, the first available junior on the list will be accepted.

Championship Tournament Application

The Championship Tournament Application must be filled out in full to apply for the CJGA Championship events.

The two championship events are:

Applications must be received by CJGA Head Office at least four weeks prior to the tournament date to be considered. A separate championship form must be filled out for each tournament when applying for multiple championship events.

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