Understanding the CJGA Schedule

In 2015, the Canadian Junior Golf Association will run over 85 tournaments across Canada for junior golfers aged 5-19. Because of the size and scope of the schedule, selecting what events to play can often be a daunting task for the nation’s junior golfers. The following will provide you with an overview of how to navigate the CJGA schedule and plan a schedule that best fits your needs.

Remember, CJGA staff members are here to help. The CJGA is able to assist you in planning your schedule and can be reached at 1-877-508-1069 or by email at info@cjga.com.

General Tournament
A General Tournament is considered to be an open event. Fields are filled on a first come, first serve basis and open to the all CJGA members. Registration is available through the on-line registration system or through a tournament application.  CJGA General Tournament Application

Tournament Code: Ex. O12, B3. (Generally a letter followed by a number)

International/National Qualifying
During the early months of the season, the CJGA will conduct a number of international qualifying tournaments across Canada. These events are considered to be general tournaments. Each international event has specific qualifying requirements. Visit the International Events section of www.cjga.com for a detailed description of each.

Tournament Code: Same as General Tournament

Championship Events
The CJGA will conduct two championship events on its national schedule in 2015. These events require performance based entry in order to secure a spot. Registration is unavailable on-line for these events. For a championship event application form please click on the appropriate event.  All applications must be received at CJGA Head Office at least four weeks prior to the tournament date.

CJGA PING Canadian Junior Match Play Championship
CJGA Mizuno National Golf Championship

Tournament Code: Ex. CMP and CSP

Invitation Only Events
The CJGA will conduct some invitation only events on its schedule in 2015. These events have a set qualification process and are not open to the general CJGA membership.

Humber College Invitational

Nike Golf Junior Championship – winners only (qualify through Nike Golf Junior Series)

CJGA Linkster Tour (Ages 5 – 13)
All CJGA Linkster Tour events are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Tournament Code: All contain JL in the code. Ex. OJL2, AJL1

How to use the 2015 CJGA Schedule:

1. To register for a tournament click on

     a. the province name or

     b. the Full CJGA schedule

2. Once you are in the schedule and you wish to register click on the “Register Now” link and follow the instructions.

3. To find out more information on the tournament before registering or after registering click on the name of the tournament.

This will give you information such as:

a) Date of the tournament

b) Any Qualifying Information

c) Pairings for the Tournament

d) Directions to the Golf Course

e) Any Hotel Information

f) The course to be played (a golf course may have more that one course)

g) Any practice round information

h) The Tees and Yardage to be played for the Tournament

i) This link also allows you to Register for the tournament without going back to the main page, and

j) The Results of each tournament are also posted here and on the main page.