Schedule & Tournament Registration

Members who have already completed the new registration process may click on the Member Login button below. New Members should familiarize themselves with the CJGA Scheduling, Registration and Tournament Info on How to below before Registering.

Members Login

The Canadian Junior Golf Association over the past year has been developing a new member portal for Scheduling, Registration and Tournament Info.

To access your information and login on you no longer require your login id from the past.

Your new login id will be your email address.

Parents that have more than one child should be using different emails for each of their children. In the next month, we will be establishing a Parent/Group Account where you only require one email address. You will be able to control all registering through this account.

In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: Before clicking on the CJGA National Schedule below. Please click here to view and understand how to navigate through the CJGA Tournament Web Page.

After viewing on the description how to Navigate through the CJGA Tournament Web Page, please follow the following.

To register, click on the “Info & Registration” button on the right of the event ranking and then click on Register.

To view the entire CJGA National Schedule, click on the button below.

To view CJGA Tournaments in each Province, follow the steps below.

  1. At top, under the photo title, click on “Select Tour”. Select.
  2. Then click on “Select Province”. Select.
  3. Then click “Submit”.

The events in your Province will now be displayed. Follow information above to “Register” or “View Information”.

New members can register by clicking on the “New Members Registration” button below”. Follow all the steps to complete your registration.

*For those of you who would prefer to fill out a general application for entry into tournaments, click on the red button above. Fill out the form, email ( or fax (905-731-6058) care of the Canadian Junior Golf Association.